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We are twins, but we are NOT identical! is an endearing story of twin sisters who are just as different on the inside as they are on the outside. Because they are twins, many of the people they meet expect them to be exactly the same, but they set out to prove that they are both unique in their own way. Despite their differences, the twins are tied together by their mixed heritage, their family values and their love for one another.

We are twins, but we are NOT identical is a book that explores cultural nuances and personal identities. Children will enjoy the whimsical tone of the book. Parents and teachers can use this story as an opportunity to start conversations with their children about cultural identities.

Mi prima isleña y yo is a bilingual (Spanish/English) children’s book that tells the story of two Puerto Rican cousins: one who lives on the island and one who lives in the United States. The strong connection between the two cousins is undeniable, given that they share a strong love for their heritage, despite living worlds apart. This touching story can be used to engage children in conversations about bicultural / multicultural identity development.