Featuring Monthly Bilingual & Multilingual Education Highlights!

I’ve been a bilingual educator for the last eighteen years. During that time, I worked as a classroom teacher and a program coordinator. Now I’m a doctoral student, a children’s book author, and a curriculum writer. In addition to that, I’m a multilingual learner and a parent. When it comes to my knowledge and experience in field of bilingual/multilingual education, I feel that I have multiple perspectives.

That is why I’ve decided to launch a monthly focus for my blog that showcases the perspectives and experiences of different participants in the field. Ranging from monthly features of authors, teachers, academics, and parents, these highlights are meant to dive into the world of bilingual/multilingual education from different eyes.

Here is an overview of what’s to come!

Blog posts for the coming months will be centered around the perspectives of different participants in the field of bilingual education. Posts will feature interviews related to all things bilingual, told from the perspective of authors, parents, teachers and more!

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